The first day of my month long hiatus ended up with me at the piano. I played scales with my left hand, just about every way I could think of. My mood brightened as soon as I started playing. I don’t like playing with only one hand, but it’s better than not playing. I played C scale in double thirds, octaves, worked on speed on arpeggios, octave block chords. I played the left hand of a jazz song. I worked on improvising some left hand part for hymns. I don’t know why, but hymns have always been the hardest for me to play. I was playing a Mozart sonata 20 years ago, but couldn’t play hymns. It’s getting easier now, since I’ve stopped trying to play them as written. I thought it would be even harder to embellish them, and was waiting til I could play them well as written. Turns out it’s easier to play them freely, rather than chorale style.

I’ve played about as much as I can with one hand today (3 hours!), and the keyboard is starting to bother me. So I’ll go rest my hand for a while. But I’m ending the day on a much more positive note than it started on.