So tired today, I’m actually having trouble staying awake. But I still hope to get in four hours of playing today.

My right hand is hurting a lot, so I’ll have to practice in small sections with frequent breaks. The new pain medication my rheumatologist prescribed is helping a lot with my hands in general. Not nearly as much tingling/pain. But right at the base of my thumb, which is where the largest mass seems to be, is very painful today. More than usual. Unfortunately, the medicine isn’t helping with the arthritis pain in my back. But I’ll take what I can get. Just to have the tingling in my wrists reduced is a huge deal. I’ve gotten tired of always feeling like I just hit my funny bone x2. Tomorrow I get the results of the MRI on my thumb/wrist to try and determine what the masses in my right hand are. So hopefully we’ll get some direction and a plan.

I’ve been noticing this week that using the metronome when I play the Minuet is really helpful ~ more than I expected. It’s been many years since I’ve used it. I think it causes me to look ahead more. I can’t stand to not be exactly with the metronome. If I’m behind by a quarter of a beat, it’s crazy-makin’ and I have to stop and start over. I’ve gotten much better at keeping pace with it. So today I’m going to practice all of my music with the metronome, and see what difference it makes. I believe I’ll find that my tempo on each piece is less steady than I thought.

Today I’ll spend most of my time on The Lord’s Prayer and Reverie. Not as much on How Great Is Our God/How Great Thou Art, and hopefully Minuet is solid enough that I can just run through it a couple times. I added another scale this week ~ B major (4 octave scale, 4 octave arpeggios, I-IV-V-VII cadence). I’ve also spent more time sight reading. Okay, I really only spent more time sight reading yesterday. I had been forgetting about it, and realized I need to write it in my plan book/journal from now on.

I think I may be looking for a new metronome. I’m using it for so long that I have to rewind it before I’ve finished using it for one piece. Granted, I play the piece overandoverandoverandover, but I’d really prefer not to have to rewind it so often. Plus, to put the cover on and lock it, the weight on the pendulum has to be moved down toward the middle. One of my pieces in “Lento” and I set the metronome for 50bpm. That’s close enough to the top of the pendulum that the cover won’t close. Small things, but surprisingly irritating when I’m mid song and have to rewind, or the dogs are all clamoring to go outside and I have to change the setting on the metronome in order to close it. If it isn’t closed when it’s set for such a slow tempo, it won’t be still and stop ticking. So ~ I may look for one that operates on AC or batteries.

I’ll update later with time practiced and progress made. Tomorrow is my lesson, and I have a doctor appointment beforehand, so won’t have much time (if any) to warm up before I play for JB. Today needs to be a really quality practice.

I don’t know if anyone is reading this, but I’d love to see some comments (as long as they’re not about how crazy it is for a 55yo woman to return to piano lessons after taking decades off 🙂

UPDATE; I practiced for 2 hours. Not a productive practice at all. I only worked on 2 pieces. Minuet sounded like I was sight reading. I was playing it at 84bpm, which is what sounded good yesterday. I was planning on speeding it up to 92bpm today. I ended up slowing it down to 68 bpm (!) and it still barely sounded okay. I stopped and tried to figure out what was happening. I was looking ahead, everything looked familiar, everything felt right. But I kept hitting wrong notes. Not just in one section, but through the entire piece. I was being careful to observe the dynamics and prepare for spots that have given me trouble in the past, but it just wasn’t working. I finally decided I was probably doing more harm than good, so I set it aside. Then I worked on Reverie, which I’ve been playing well for several days. Same thing. The syncopation isn’t a problem at all, I just kept hitting wrong notes. Again, I stopped and looked through the music. I honestly couldn’t figure out what was happening. So I slowed WAY down. Not much improvement. I went through the entire piece just playing the melody. This piece is a constant flow of eight notes, with a very syncopated melody in the top voice of the right hand. It also has a couple of time changes. Nothing really difficult. After playing just the melody a couple of times, I tried to put it together again. It was really just falling apart. I’m very frustrated. I’ve been working on these pieces for a few weeks, and expected to move on to new music at my lesson tomorrow. I’ve had these long enough to have them prepared to play well and be finished with them. I’ll take a break for dinner, and see how they sound later tonight. Maybe I just need a change of scenery for an hour.

Late night UPDATE: Played through everything once ~ slow and relaxed. Sounded fine. I definitely needed to take a step back.