Focus today will be on The Lord’s Prayer. Slow playing with metronome, til I can play it slowly with no mistakes. Play expressively from the start. Isolate problem areas and work them out. Also be aware of posture. See if I can change position to help avoid or lessen back pain. On Reverie ~ play entire piece more slowly, rather than slow down for problem areas. After playing slowly and getting difficult areas worked out, speed up entire piece. Minuet ~ using metronome, work on getting speed up to 90bpm. How Great Is Our God/How Great Thou Art ~ make sure How Great Thou Art is memorized enough to play confidently without hesitation.

UPDATE: Practiced for 2 hours. Not as long as I hoped for, but a good practice. The Lord’s Prayer is sounding much better, and is actually easier than I thought. It’s hard to play without the metronome and maintain a steady tempo. Certain sections need to be played more slowly to avoid mistakes, but when I’m in other areas, I’m noticing that I pick up the tempo unintentionally. So, a decent practice, but not as long as I wanted. I wasn’t ready to stop, but everyone came home for dinner. I should have started earlier.

Tomorrow ~ aim for a good 4 hour practice.