Practice plan today is pretty much the same as yesterday, except I’ll start with The Lord’s Prayer, and spend more time on it. It seems that whatever I play first gets the most time, and whatever I play last get the least. So I think I’ll rotate the order in which I play. The exception is that I’ll always start with scales, along with Hanon when I’m able to play it again. My teacher is currently having me take a break from Hanon due to issues with hand pain. Until I have a diagnosis/treatment, no more Hanon and more frequent breaks while playing.

Today I plan to get in at least three hours of practice, I’m really hoping for four. As I’ve been sitting here catching up on email and such before practice, I’ve been listening to various genres of music, the latest being Baroque ~ Bach’s Goldberg Variations played by Simone Dinnerstein. I’d love to be able to play the Variations some day.

Off to practice ~ will update later.

Practiced for four hours and fifteen minutes. A lot was accomplished, and I’m excited about making more progress tomorrow. I believe I have the tempo irregularities fixed in the Bach. Sometimes I forget ~ the metronome if my friend.

Ack! I forgot to spend 30 minutes sight reading. I believe I’ll start with that tomorrow. Today was an excellent piano day!